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The Sara Association is a religious organization, which aims is to share the Gospel of Christ, encourage Christian women, and positively impact the socioeconomic status of the most vulnerable women and girls in the community. Through its various educational and lucrative activities and programs, the organization contributes to the reduction of poverty among women and girls in Niger. 


My name is Fatiya. I participated for 3 years in the Center Sara, then graduated. Upon graduation, I received my diploma and a brand-new sewing machine. I praise God because this sewing machine became a blessing for me! I was able to sew clothing for my child, my sister ‘s two children, my mom and my cousin’s five children! I even make their school uniforms...


My name is Rahana. I was jobless and doing nothing when I hear about the center Sara. I enrolled and was a student there for 3 years. I graduated and received a sewing machine. After graduation, the center called me and offered me a job as a teacher assistant, teaching the new student the basic of sewing...


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